The Map is New Paradigm Research’s flagship product. In these weekly correspondences, editor Mason Sexton will use his decades of insight to forecast important trend changes in the market and show readers how to profit.

Readers can expect to learn about such topics as: Elliott Wave Theory, price/time equilibrium, the seminal works of W.D. Gann, and yes, even how the movements of heavenly bodies can impact the direction of markets, society, and everything in between.

This is the exact same research that Mason has been sharing with his institutional clients for decades. And now, he is opening it up to the wider public.

Publication’s Expert

Mason Sexton began his career on Wall Street after graduating from Harvard Business School in 1972. He spent two years in the Corporate Finance Department of Morgan Stanley. He also did a stint with Salomon Brothers in M&A. Then, he headed the Sales and Research Department of Mabon Nugent & Company.

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